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2009 Photos 

  • Biscayne Bay Dive Trip
    • The Raytheon SCUBA Club visited Biscayne Bay National Park for three days of diving in late February.  As is typical for this time of year, the weather was a mixed bag.  We got blown out on day three, so we came home early.  Day two on the other hand was downright spectacular with warm water, calm seas, and great visibility.

  • Sheridan / Seafood Barge Dive Trip

    • The Raytheon SCUBA Club had a beautiful day for our Sheridan / Seafood barge trip on May 2nd.     Our first dive was on the wreck of the Sheridan, a 180-foot ocean-going tug that sits upright in about 75 feet of water.  The ship is mostly in tact with many easily accessible compartments and cubbies to explore.  Our second dive was on the nearby Seafood barge, which has a similar depth.  The barge actually had more abundant fish life than the Sheridan; both Lenny and Bob came home with some "seafood" of their own for dinner.  Visibility was 25-30 feet, seas flat calm with no current, and the water temp was 75 degrees at depth.    

  • Visitors from NJ

    • Kevin, Dana, Mechelle, and Sean came down for a visit in June.  We had a great time sharing some of the Florida lifestyle with them.  Between a baseball game, boating, dolphin watching, kayaking, hanging out on the beach, real golf, miniature golf, AND a couple of tastey Florida meals, including steak and crab on the grill by the pool and She Crab soup at Frenchy's, I think they were pretty much wiped out by the time we were done with them.  Next time you guys want to come down, you'd better take a few days off beforehand to rest up J

  • Greg's Crack / Veteran's Dive Trip

    • The Raytheon SCUBA Club took Chris' boat out to Greg's Crack and Veteran's Reef in June.  Greg's Crack is a natural ledge in about 60 feet of water with deep undercuts and a 4 - 7 foot profile.  Veteran's Reef is an artificial reef site in 45 feet of water; prominent features include three steel-hulled barges, each over 100 feet long and over 300 tons of native Florida limestone.  Seas were calm and the water temperature was 84 degrees at depth.  Many of the larger fish species have apparently migrated further off shore in search of cooler water, but there was still plenty of smaller stuff to see.  Cedric did manage to come home with a Red Snapper for dinner.

  • Summer 2009

    • We had an excellent day on the boat with friends on July 3rd.  Greg and Chris did a quick dive on  Clearwater Reef, while Jeff, Linda, Sue, and Amanda stayed topside for some above water fun.  After dropping Jeff and Linda off at the boat ramp, the rest of us continued South to the Pub for some dinner.  We got a little rain in the afternoon, but overall it turned out to be a fantastic day.

    • Labor Day weekend was another fantastic day on the water.  Greg, Bob, Chris, and Jeff headed out on an offshore adventure to a couple of new (to us...) spots off of Bradenton / Sarasota.  "The Peaks" is a large area of rubble in about 75 feet of water with a 25 - 30 foot profile.  Bob managed to bring back 3 good-sized Hogfish from this spot.  There were also lots of Grouper there, but not many of legal size.  Our second dive was on the Fin Barge, in about 80 feet of water.  We saw several Jewfish, a Spotted Eagle Ray, large schools of baitfish, and a killer Remora that was hell bent on attaching itself to Greg at our Safety stop.  Seas were smooth and warm.  Many thanks to Jeff for keeping watch topside.

  • Keys 2009

    • We took the boat down to Key Largo again this year for some diving, snorkeling, and fun (not necessarily in that order).  Mom and Amanda's friend Hannah were able to join us as well.  We stayed at new place this year called the Mariner's Club.  It's right on the ocean and provides easy access to the reefs by boat; quite an improvement over previous years which required a longish boat ride from the bay side to get out to the dive and snorkel sites.  Our three-bedroom townhouse also had a full kitchen, which made it easier to eat in for lunches and breakfast.