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2007 Photos 

  • Spring 2007
    • The Raytheon Easy Divers SCUBA Club took a trip to Florida City in March.  Chris, Bob, and Greg enjoyed three days of excellent diving off of Chris' boat.  Plentiful lobsters, lots of interesting marine life, good visibility, and warm water temperatures thanks to the proximity of the gulf stream are a combination that makes the area hard to beat for diving, especially during the Winter months.

    • Valerie participated in a concert at our local performing arts center in March.  The show had a Caribbean theme and was she was quite thankful to have the opportunity to sing two solos, one with the Ruth Eckerd teen choir and a second piece from her musical theater class.  Listen to them here.

  • Summer 2007

    • We took our boat down to Key Largo this summer to do some diving and snorkeling.  It was great being able to set our own schedule for getting out on the water vs. being tied to the departure and return times dictated by a dive charter.  Our friends Greg, Valerie, and their daughter Lindsey joined us for the first few days.  It's always more fun to enjoy such good times with friends.  In retrospect, I now realize that I need to enlist someone else to get some topside pictures.  With me (Chris) driving/cleaning the boat I didn't have much time or energy to take any pictures above the water!

  • Sheridan Trip

    • The Raytheon SCUBA club made a trip out to the Sheridan in July.  We've been trying to make it out to this wreck for quite some time, but always seem to run into trouble.  The planets finally aligned and we made it out.  The Sheridan is a 180-ft tug that sits upright in about 80 feet of water.  The wreck is home to lots of barracuda, a few Jewfish, and strangely enough, a rather large population of arrow crabs.  Chris didn't bring his camera on the wreck so you'll have to take my word for it that we were actually there:)  We did our second dive at Mastodon Tabletop, a circular ledge about 250 feet in diameter in about 65 feet of water.  Here we saw more Jewfish, plenty of grouper, and a Hawksbill Sea Turtle.  The camera made it on the second dive, so take a look.

  • Cruise 2007

    • In August, we went on a cruise to the Bahamas and the Virgin Islands.  Our ship was named the 'Mariner of the Seas' and is part of the Royal Caribbean fleet.  We sailed out of Cape Canaveral Florida to Coco Cay (a private island in the Bahamas), then to St. Thomas, then St. Marten, and finished with two full days at sea for the return trip.  The ship was gorgeous and the scenery spectacular.  Amanda and Valerie each brought a friend along, which not only made the trip extra special for them, but it kept the kids out of Chris and Sue's hair for much of the trip.  Thanks to both Christina and Erin for helping us to make some fantastic memories.

  • Greg's Crack Trip

    • After three weeks of cancellations due to wind, rain, tropical storms and other forms of foul weather we finally got to go diving on October 6th.  With 2 - 4 foot seas and a 10 to 15 knot wind from the East, it was still a bumpy ride, but definitely doable without too much discomfort.  Our first dive was on a site we affectionately refer to as 'Greg's Crack'.  It's part of the 'Masthead Ledge' formation, which runs North-South about 12 nm off of Clearwater Beach.  This particular spot has a fissure (the crack) that runs perpendicular to the ledge where we have had especially good luck finding good fish.  On this trip, we also spotted several Stone Crab tucked up under the ledge.  For our second dive we went to Clearwater Reef.  There we saw some Hogfish, a couple Jewfish, and some Snook.

  • Veteran's Reef Trip

    •  In late October, the Raytheon SCUBA club did some diving and fishing on Veterans Reef and a nearby ledge.  With a 15 knot wind, overcast skies and scattered showers it wasn't exactly a chamber of commerce day, but we made the best of it and still had a great time.  Veterans Reef is an artificial reef dedicated to the brave men and women who defend our country.  The site is home to three large steel-hulled barges (each over 100 feet long), 300 tons of native Florida limestone, and some prefabricated fish attracting devices (essentially concrete pyramids).  Depth is around 45 feet.  The nearby Masthead Ledge is what remains of a prehistoric Florida coastline.  The portion of the ledge we dove had a max. depth of about 55 feet with a 4 - 6 foot profile and plenty of fish life.  Water temperature was about 82 degrees at both sites.

  • Winter 2007

    • Valerie had a belated birthday party on November 16th.  With the thoughts of a house full of screaming 16 year old girls looming large, Chris decided to escape the chaos and spent the night on Greg's new boat   Here are some pictures.

  • Cuda Hole Trip

    • Chris, Tony, and Bob took Bob's boat out of Sarasota in early December and headed out to M5 reef and Cuda Hole.  The water temperature was warm at an incredible 70 degrees.  We saw 4 Goliath Grouper and a large stingray, and even spotted a Lobster (which is unusual for this part of the Gulf).