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2005 Photos 

  • Summer Fun
    • Valerie joined Aunt Diane, Will, and Alicia for the first week of their summer vacation in Orlando this year.  They did a theme park blitz, spending three days at Disney, one at Universal, and another day at Islands of Adventure.  Chris, Sue, and Amanda joined in the fun at Islands of Adventure, but weren't able to attend on the other days.  After the theme parks, Alicia came back to Palm Harbor for a few days of pool/beach time.

  • Key Largo 2005

    • For our summer vacation this year, we spent a week in the Florida Keys diving, snorkeling, and generally relaxing (not necessarily in that order).  This is the first year we were able to all dive together as a family since both Amanda and Valerie are now certified SCUBA divers.  Our friend Greg and his fiancÚ Valerie joined us for the last couple days, providing great company both in and out of the water.  They even helped us celebrate our 17th wedding anniversary with a dive on the Duane (one of Sue's favorite wrecks)  and a very nice dinner out, complete with a bottle of Shiraz and some Key Lime pie.

  • Valerie and Greg's Wedding

    • Valerie and Greg got married on Sunday September 4th.  They had a wonderful beach ceremony followed by a reception at the Sanibel Harbor Resort and Spa in Fort Myers.  After the reception, family and friends hung out at the pool for some fun in the water.

  • New Puppy

    • We got a new puppy!  She's a Yellow Labrador Retriever and her name is Amber.  She was born on August 25th.  We were supposed to pick her up on October 22nd, but ended up getting her a few days earlier to avoid hurricane Wilma.

    • I added a few more pictures of Amber at 11 weeks old.  She's growing fast!

  • 2005 Holidays

    • Check here for pictures from Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I also added a few pictures from Amanda's birthday party.




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