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2010 Photos 

  • Winter 2010
    • Some random shots of the windy, stormy, way too cold, totally unFlorida-like Winter of 2010.

  • Spring 2010

    • The Raytheon SCUBA Club had a great day on the water for our Gulf dive on Saturday May 8th. We were about 22 miles from Johns Pass in an area known as the "Little Middlegrounds" (a.k.a. 10-foot ledge).  Depths to the bottom were about 70 feet.  Visibility was 50 feet, which is outstanding for the gulf and the water temperature was a comfortable 73 degrees.

    • Valerie graduated from high school on May 30th.  They had a wonderful ceremony at Tampa Preparatory School over Memorial Day weekend. Grandma Francis and Grandma and Grandpa Korb were in town to celebrate.