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Welcome to the home page of the “Florida” Francis Family. When we moved to Florida from Buffalo New York in January of 1992 our two daughters Amanda and Valerie were two years and four months old respectively.  We told ourselves at the time that we’d try to stay for at least five years.  I guess time truly does fly when you're having fun, because we’ve been here for over seventeen years now and can’t imagine living anywhere else. 

This is our family web site.  I primarily use it as a means to share pictures with family and friends.  I used to say that I'd add other content in the future, but I've given up on that.

What's New


New Car - Take 2


We replaced Amanda and Valerie's car with another Focus.  This one is a 2008 with 34K miles.  We're hoping to keep this one in one piece for a while longer.




Valerie got into an accident.  She broke her foot in a couple of places, but other than that, there were no serious injuries.  The car didn't fair quite as well.  The insurance company says it's totaled.  Better the car than the kid....


Valerie Got a New Car


The Camry finally quit after over 220K miles so we had to buy a new car.  We found a 2005 Ford Focus with 9K miles on it that should make a fine replacement.  The car goes to Valerie to get back and forth to school for her senior year in high school, then to Amanda to finish out her junior and senior years at UF.



Valerie Graduated


Valerie graduated from high school on May 30th.  They had a wonderful ceremony at Tampa Preparatory School over Memorial Day weekend.  Check out the Spring 2010 Gallery to see some pictures. Congratulations Valerie!




Adding Another Gator to the Congregation


Looks like we'll be adding another Gator to the family.  After being accepted by Auburn, NC State, Clemson, FSU, and UF, Valerie has decided to attend the University of Florida in the Fall.  She plans to major in Biology.  Useless fact: A group of gators is referred to as a congregation.








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